Making It Work…#DBlogWeek


Heading to NYC this weekend to celebrate an amazing woman and her 60th birthday.  I give myself credit for 33 years of type 1 diabetes while my mother in law fights Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, and still manages to get a beautifully written thank you card out within 24 hours.  She’s my idol, she makes chocolate chip cookies that I can’t even attempt to beat and she is just an all-around wonderful human being.

Since all of my efforts for the next 3 days will be focused on her happiness, I decided to link to a previous hacking post that I published a few months ago.  I don’t really have any other tricks than hiding my pump, so here you go!  What’s funny about this post is that it was my most read.  For about 3 minutes I was impressed with myself until I realized that the title implied a totally different kind of article!  Ha!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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