Hello, Nice to Meet You…


Hello, I’m Diabetes, it’s so nice to meet you.

I just attacked your pancreas, and I’ll try to defeat you.

Because of me you will test and get high and get low.

The meaning of A1C and ketones, so soon you will know.

But don’t worry yet, the end is not near.

There’s this #DOC group and they have no fear.

The blog and they tweet, they support and they’re sweet.

And if you’re strong and determined, you’ve got this thing beat.

But don’t forget those not as lucky as you.

The kids with parents that don’t know what to do.

Reach out and support, a hug or a smile.

It could change someone’s day and it won’t take awhile.

We are in this together, type 2 and type 1,

We can fight it stronger and maybe have fun🙂

4 thoughts on “Hello, Nice to Meet You…”

    1. yay!!! So glad to hear that! Made the time spent writing worth every second🙂 Hang in there! 33 years with T1D, 2 healthy kiddos, and no complications…life can be almost normal with type1…def takes some extra work (as you probably know), but it’s made me stronger without a doubt!

  1. Came across you on twitter…my son was diagnosed with t1 a year ago when he was 9. He amazes me every day with it. I am always interested in reading how others handle it. Glad it hasn’t slowed you down. This is inspiring to me. Kudos to you!!!

    1. Thank you! Not every day is easy but every day makes you even more remarkable! He’s lucky to have a mom who is reaching out and finding all the ways to make life with t1d bearable!!! keep up the great work!!!

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